Monday, February 22, 2010

A few pictures from the Save the Children orphanage

What really hit me about this place is the striking absence of older children to carry and play with all those young ones. At the other orphanage, there were many older "brothers and sisters" to help with the babies and toddlers. Here, unless they cry, they are not held or interacted with, and even crying doesn't guarantee attention. It broke my heart. It was so hard to leave knowing that I have the resources, time, energy, space to take care of these babies and love them and feed them, yet I can't take them home. One step at a time, God will lead.


mary said...

praying for your heart to always be still and know that He is God.

mary said...

Holly, I had time tonight to read your entire blog - start to finish - truly amazing and gut-wrenching journey you're on and now all of us following behind are on as well. Your writing and opening your life to us is a huge inspiration, encouragement, and resouces of perspective and direction for prayer. Thanks so much. We are praying for speedy completion with your girls and revelation and provision for orphan ministry in the DRC. I mailed our first check to OFA for Kaziba today - praying for multiplication of this seed of faith.