Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes, they are twins!

For us, it is a long story. We went up on the first visit having heard there were two infant boys ages 4 months and 6 months. We were excited about hearing this, but we were also feeling (already) that our hearts were open to how God would lead us, we really felt (because we have the unique role of going to visit the children before being "matched") that we wanted to have God lead us to the child that would be ours. So, we went up there and saw SO many babies. We didn't ask to know which were the 4 and 6 month old boys, we just spent time with them all. Very surprisingly, independent of each other, we both felt very strongly led to 4 month old twin girls!! We both felt a lot of assurance and confidence that God was directing us to these little girls, that they were supposed to be our girls. We then went into a meeting with the director and before we stated what was on our hearts we asked to know the stories of all infants. Well, surprisingly (or not so much so) there weren't any infants under age 9 months (they all looked to be under 6 months!) and the youngest healthy boy was 12 months old! So, we even felt more confirmation. We have sat with this for a few weeks now, so that last week, we felt even more peace and assurance about how we have felt God leading us. We realize that life will be very crazy for a few years with so many little ones, but we feel very strongly that God is leading us in this and our hearts are already filled with so much love and hope for these little girls. We absolutely know it is the right decision for us and for our family.
They weren't given names at birth, so we are working on this part. I will post a picture of them here. Please pray that there won't be any obstacles that arise that will prevent us from bringing them home soon (we are hoping within 4-6 weeks), and that they will stay healthy at the orphanage. In the end, I wonder really, who chose whom? I feel confident that God chose these girls for us with great love and care. We are grateful and humbled.

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