Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy smiles and broken hearts

We had a safe trip to and from Kaziba today; we are very tired now.  But I wanted to try to post a little about our trip.  We brought a good friend with us this time and it was fun watching her play with all the kiddos!  They loved her!  The situation is the same there right now, only two mamas at a time to watch 31 kids (and they have two new babies again!).  So many "babies".  I'm so thankful our girls are in foster care right now.  We could really see the difference in them from two weeks ago.

The director of the orphanage was told by their funder to drop funding down by $600/month.  They already run at a minimum level, with workers only paid $40/month, simple diets of porridge and rice with sauce if they have it and meat rarely, and watered down formula.  Their (off and on) current funders have said that they should keep their staff but cut down in "other" areas.  The only "other" area they have where they could cut down on is food!  I've been bringing up formula each time, so that helps, but it is heartbreaking (they probably need $800 of formula each month and I don't bring up near that!).  They were also told to expect little to no funding next year!

The wonderful thing about this orphanage is how much the staff LOVE the kids.  They really are doing the best they can, and it is heartwarming.

However, with so few staff and too little food, some of the children are really sad and heart broken.  There are a few of the toddler-babies that just really look lost.  When you pick up some of these little ones, they melt into you and hold on tight.  Others, don't really know what to do, and just look at you (or away from you) from a very hurt broken place.

Then there are the ones, that,  despite it all, laugh and giggle and can't wait to play with anyone who has a moment to say hi.  Despite the fact that they are crib bound and can't sit or roll on their own, joy exudes from their faces.

There is a much longer and more detailed post about one of my previous visits there in the archives under "heavy hearts and heroes".

I will try to upload some pictures, it's a slow connection!

I hope and pray we can raise funds to support this orphanage on a regular basis.

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