Wednesday, April 14, 2010

our update and another hero

Our paperwork was submitted to the courts here yesterday!  Our lawyer thinks it shouldn't take more than a month to get a judgement.  Meanwhile, we are in the process of moving the girls to a foster home in Kaziba!  All good news.

On a different note, I've mentioned before in this blog about how many orphans here are cared for in informal foster care settings (I've learned of over 500 at this point).  These are organized and run by congolese (mostly women) who have seen a big need and try to raise funding for food and school fees for the kids.  Today, I randomly met one of these heroes.  She is a tiny woman with a big smile and lots of energy.  She lives in an area where there has been a lot of violence.  She watches and cares for 84 orphans.  Many of their parents have died from insecurity or they were abandoned because their mother was raped by military or rebel groups.  She tries to raise school fees for them so she can pay for the teachers that volunteer their time.  I will probably never be able to visit where she lives and see the work she does, but it was amazing to meet her, and perhaps our paths will cross again one day.

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Heather said...

YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! So happy to hear the girls are headed to foster care and that your papers are filed!! What a relief! Thank, by the way, for writing about what you see and learn. You open my eyes a little more (sometimes a lot!) with every post.
~Heather Capell