Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a time such as this

So, I unexpectedly went to Kaziba today!  Yeah, a fun surprise getting to visit our little girls, though I didn't spend as much time with them as I would have liked.  I spent a lot of my time talking with the director about their needs, their budget, and how I can help.  I was SO struck today by how much the lack of caregivers is affecting the kids, especially the little ones.  They simply are not held except to be fed, because they don't have enough staff right now.  It is clear they love the kids, and do their best, but without enough hands....  Other mamas are still sick, so there are only 2 mamas for 31 kids, and so many of those are little.  It is overwhelming, and somehow today it really hit me hard.  Maybe because I know their names, and I care about them.  When I find one of the young ones alone laying on the floor it hurts, because I love that little one.  I just simply don't have enough arms to hold them all.  I hate choosing one over the other.  I picked up one little guy and he just sank into me, every part of his body was touching mine as if to soak up this moment and store it in his heart.  How could I put him down then, to hold another little one?  It was hard not to burst out in tears while I was there today, I found it such a heart breaking visit.  But, I have to believe that I am there for a reason, that somehow I can help, that others can help, that together we can help these children.

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mary said...

Holly, thank you for making your heart (and body) available to feel even a piece of what our Daddy feels for these kids. I'm praying with you for miracles of provision for these precious ones.