Sunday, May 16, 2010

and some last pictures and stories

This little four year old girl, Chiza, is full of energy and life.  She always runs to hold my hand when I visit, and sticks close.  She demonstrates a lot of the same behaviors that the other older kids do there who are also desperate for attention, any attention.  For instance, the minute I sit down she is pulling at my hair, despite my "no's" she won't stop, because for her, any attention, good or bad, is attention which she wants so badly.  She is very sweet.  About three weeks ago, when the extra mammas where hired, they realized they have time to interact with the older kids more.  Now before lunch they take them all on a long walk away from the orphanage.  It is beautiful there around the orphanage, a good place with lots of fresh air and open grounds.  

This little girl is 2 1/4, named Cikurru (her name means "oldest of twins", her twin died at the orphanage).  She gave me this cute look whenever I looked at her, she loved being held and is buddies with some of the other little girls her age.  The picture below is her hanging out with another little girl watching the big kids play with bubbles.

This little girl, Atosha, is 3 1/2, and is very sweet; she always has a gentle smile for me when I visit.  She also has the cutest giggle and loves to play (especially hanging on to my hands and hanging from them).

Below are some of the other kids that I am feel blessed to hang out with on my visits!


Joel said...

I love the picture with the bubbles. Life's simple pleasures are so great.

mary said...

Thanks for posting the pics of the kids and some details about them - we rejoice in the improvement you're already seeing! Hearing from you makes our adoption all the more real and tangible. We just completed our home study and will hopefully submit it with the 1600a's soon. Then 90 days (in Ga) before we (OFA) can start looking for a "match." We're praying. Do you foresee OFA being able to match folks with more kids from Kaziba by Aug/Sept?

Shawny said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and stories! I am so happy to hear that so many of the kiddos are doing so much better!