Monday, June 14, 2010

worries and joys

This is an older picture that the director recently gave me and I love it!  All the kids with their arms around each other.  Obviously, despite how much they lack, there is a lot of love at this orphanage.  
We had a good visit to the orphanage a week ago Tuesday.  It had been three weeks since we last went and missed our girls and the other children at the orphanage.  Of course, Mia cried the whole time I held her, and even when someone else held her if she caught a glimpse of me, she would cry!  I had to laugh, they are 7 months old, right when stranger anxiety hits, and boy, am I a stranger with my white skin.  I didn't mind at all, I just hope that soon I won't be a stranger anymore to her, but be her mommy.  We are still waiting for a judgement, and praying everyday that nothing would hinder us bringing them home.

The kids are doing well.  There is one little girl who I would ask that we all pray for, she is recovering from an illness and needs a lot of strength to recover.  And it's hard to recover in an orphanage where there are so many needs to be met.  Pray for wisdom for me as I try to find the best way to help this precious little girl.  Thanks!

One of the older girls was moved out of the orphanage since I last visited.  She was moved back with a family member.  On paper this sounds good, but the reality is that she wasn't wanted by this family member and he is already trying to give her away (again).  It just breaks my heart.  She was one that stuck in my mind as a sweet, energetic girl who was desperate for love and affection.  But the reality is that this orphanage is small, it is only built for 25 kids.  They simply cannot keep the children once they hit age 4 or 5.  The director is wonderful and he tries his hardest to find loving foster homes for the kids, but sometimes that just isn't possible.  He also tries his best to follow up on these kids (80+ or so), but that is also hard as the orphanage has no vehicle and some of the kids live far away.  Some of the kids do go to family members that want them and that makes me so happy, but the majority aren't so lucky.  When I first started thinking about adoption, it was all about the babies for me.  I am a baby person, I worked as a baby nurse, babies are the age I love.  But after visiting the first orphanage and now Kaziba, I have come to love the bigger kids, their joy, their enthusiasm, their spark, their smilies, their personalities, their sweet love they give me, and their trust.  And it's hard to see their thin bodies, and the lost and hurt looks in their eyes.  And somehow what strikes me the most is their resilience.  Most of the older kids there (ages 2-5) have lived there their entire lives, yet they are so fun and still have joy.  One little girl, Atosha, just runs up to me giggling the entire time, hanging on my hands.  Wow...if only I could greet life like these children, finding and accepting joy the moment it comes and hanging on tight.

I will post pictures and stories in the next post.

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