Friday, July 23, 2010

another event

We were unexpectedly invited to an engagement party while we were visiting the orphanage.  It was for the daughter of the king!  We have become friends with the mwamikazi as a part of our work in the area.  Mwamikazi means "working king".  She is the "working" king, because her husband, the mwami (king), died a few years ago and her son is not quite old enough to be the king yet.  This is the traditional leader in the area and is actually very powerful.  She is very supportive of us helping at the orphanage, and it was fun to get invited to this party.  We were in the front row, so we all did our best to not drop our plates or trip, or dump our drinks on the mwami's family.

Everyone waiting to get in to the party.

Including the village kids trying to get a sneak peak of the party.

Mwamikazi Pascaline, she is really the person who enabled us to start working in the area at the orphanage and has been continuing to support and help our work there.

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