Saturday, July 24, 2010

brief follow up post bag balm

I just wanted to write briefly that OFA has given a donation to the orphanage to replace the money that was stolen, as an emergency donation.  Some of you have asked more details about the funding.  At this point, OFA can accept any donations, they just have to be marked clearly for Kaziba.  I will be meeting with the Norwegian missionary in the next two weeks to get a better idea of how quickly their monthly funding will be decreasing.  Otherwise, I am happy to email the fundraising letter to anyone who is interested.

Thank you for your encouragement, love for the kids, and your prayers.


mary said...

Oh, Holly, I'm just reading your blog after a long break, and oh, how much wonderful info and pictures you've posted!!! Thank you SO much!!! You can imagine how precious each nugget of insight is to us potentially adoptive parents!!!! And it also helps so much to explain things to our friends and family and hopefully to help with fund-raising. Every time I look at the pics, the thought that one or both of our potential sons could be in the pic gives me shivers! I'm amazed at the time you've been able to give to communicating with all of us in the midst of all you've got going on there.

Kristee Ann Watson said...

Hey Holly...send me the letter. I want to try to organize something through my church.