Friday, July 23, 2010

Friends and family one our overnight visit (while superman husband stayed home with ALL the kids)

Megan with Sifa
Megan is a nurse and was here for 3 months working in clinics with a mission organization.  She came with me twice, and on this visit she did a training on basic medical education and on nutrition.  She also stayed with us for over a month to help us at home with the kids!  We will miss her when she returns to the states on Monday.

Cammie with Le blanc 
Cammie is my cousin from Santa Rosa (where I was born :).  She came out with my sister in law, Shauna, for a 2 week trip.  She did a training on dental care and handed out toothbrushes she had brought for the kids.  She leaves on Monday too!  Sad day!!d

Shauna with Chereba
Shauna is married to one of my younger brothers, Joel.  They live in San Diego right now.  She left Joel and her two kids (3 and 5) home for 10 days and came out with Cammie as a mission trip.  The money she raised helped to fund the building of the first 2/3 of the wall that is very needed around the orphanage.  She also brought cloth diapers, a bumbo seat, crib mirror toys, other toys, and some other items for the orphanage.  She did a training on games and activities to do with the older kids.  I was sad to say goodbye to her this week.  

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