Saturday, August 14, 2010

aging out

So, I'm tired tonight and should be in bed.  But I wanted to briefly share about what happens when the kids turn 5 or 6 at the Kaziba orphanage since 3 children have done so since I have been visiting there.  The director really loves the kids, but the orphanage is small so once the kids get to be school age he tries his hardest to find loving foster families for them.  The orphanage is still in charge of them, but they don't live there anymore.  The orphanage tries to pay the school fees and help the foster families but it is getting harder and harder as the funding is decreasing this fall.  Sometimes foster families can't be found and the children are forced to go back to their fathers.  I say forced because this is the case for the most part.  Most of the fathers don't want their children, that is why they are there.  The ones that do want them try to take them back in the first 2 years of life, once they are off formula.  One little girl wasn't wanted at all.  Her father was told to come get her and he took off for six months.  Finally he came and got her.  He didn't want her.  He keeps trying to give her to other people.  He keeps asking the director to take her back.  I love this little girl.  She was one of the kids who always came up to me, held my hand and stuck close.  It breaks my heart that this is her life now, she is unwanted and unloved.  She doesn't belong.  She is not fed or cared for.  It is heartbreaking.  

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mary said...

re-reading your posts often - so thankful for each nugget of info - praying for your final finalization!!