Friday, August 13, 2010


Tonight I had an unexpected encounter.  It was in regards to the first orphanage I visited here.  And it was also related to Moise, the little baby boy we tried to adopt.  Last fall we felt compelled to stop our adoption proceedings.  We also felt that God gave us the wisdom to make this decision.  I have had moments of doubting our decision.  Maybe I had read the situation wrong, maybe we left our little boy in that orphanage based off of incorrect assumptions...maybe this...maybe that.  Anyway, tonight I received a very very clear confirmation that the adoption of Moise would NEVER have happened.  We did read the situation correctly and we did have wisdom in moving away from adopting him.  I still find it very sad and unjust, especially for his sake as he is an innocent child.  But I know we made the right decision, which gives me peace amidst the sadness.  I don't know how to embed links, but here are a couple of my previous posts about this sweet little boy.

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mary said...

thankful God gave you this confirmation and mourning/praying against the darkness that would keep precious kids from loving families