Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a friend's story

Yesterday, we heard a friend of ours here, lost his younger brother.  He had hung himself.  That is tragic in and of itself but the story behind it is also tragic.  Our friend works for an ngo here as a guard.  He has been working for 'mzungus' (white people, rich people) for two years. This brother has been putting a lot of pressure on him for the past year to give him $500 since he works for mzungus.  He probably made less than $150/month for the past year, and less right now as his work is part time.  The brother simply cannot believe he isn't rich.  The whole family had a meeting to put pressure on our friend to give the younger $500.  He simply didn't have that money, he really barely made enough every month as it was.  No one would believe he didn't make huge amounts of money.  The younger brother told him, "you give me the money or I will kill you or myself!"   He chose himself.

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