Thursday, August 26, 2010

fundraising update part 2-needs

So, I was able to meet with the missionary who currently raises funds for the orphanage and discuss the needs for the upcoming year (starting in September) and what areas she wasn't able to meet with the funding that she is anticipating from Norway.

Immediate needs:

$1000/month (ongoing)---There is the monthly immediate need to continue purchasing formula and milk powder as well as salaries for the 4 additional women we have hired.

$5000/year (one-time for school year)--Over 80 school children who have aged out of the orphanage are given school fees for the school year from the orphanage funds.  The family who in the past has raised this money (from Norway) was not able to raise the money this year.  There is an immediate need to help raise money for these kids school fees (primary and secondary school).  This amount also includes uniforms, notebooks, and pens for the children.  (This amount also includes $1000 towards 60 other orphaned children that are not given funds by the orphanage, but instead are sent to school by local donors in Kaziba, which I am trying to help out with some of the gaps in their funding).  I'm interested in trying to grow this into a more detailed sponsorship project, but at this point it's not ready to get that detailed.  However, I believe I could take photos of many of the kids and get ages and brief histories if people are interested in knowing about some of the kids they are supporting.

$2000 (one time)--This is the amount needed to finish the wall.

Our Family Adoptions (OFA) is a humanitarian organization that is helping us by letting us send raised funds through them for tax purposes.  100% of the money raised will be given to Kaziba.  The contact info is below.  It is important that all money is clearly marked for Kaziba.

Thank you to all the people who have been supporting this project with prayer and who have raised funds to support the beautiful children of Kaziba.  I have been up there 12 times now and I have SEEN the difference that your help has made.  I am praying that we can continue to support them as they are seeing their funding decrease this next year.

With a grateful heart,

Our Family Adoptions
P.O. Box 626
Camas, WA 98607
(360) 903-3648

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Wendy said...

This information is perfect!!! Our church is having a community yard sale tomorrow (8/28) to raise money for Kaziba. I will be using the above info to raise awareness for Kaziba and hopefully we will do well! We are continuing to pray for you and all your babies!!
Much love, Wendy