Thursday, August 26, 2010

fundraising update part 1-so far since February

We've been able to raise $3200 (of an estimated $5000 needed) towards the wall.  I'll add some pictures though it's a bit hard to see exactly what it will look like as it was partially finished at the time I took them last week, but two full sides are almost done.  When they stretched out the fencing they were able to complete about half of the third side which was encouraging.  The third side is along the front of the orphanage, it is an important side to build a wall, as this is where the cars drive by and people come in and out freely.  The concern (and why it has been important to build this wall) is that the kids start to chase the cars (thankfully they are driving slowly) and because they are little they may not be seen by the drivers.  Also, there is no way to prevent the children from wandering off or anyone from entering the compound.

We've also raised about $7000 that has paid for formula and powdered milk for the last six months, as well as the salaries for four women.  It has also paid for clothing for the children, blankets, new mattresses for beds, sheets, and trainings for the mamas.

In addition, we have received donations of cloth diapers and covers, formula, and crib toys.


mary said...

thanks for the fund-raising need updates and the glimpses into life there. we're anxiously awaiting news ella and mia's finalization.

Holly said...

Hey Mary,

Thanks! We received the signed and official judgement a week and a half ago! Now we are in our 30 day appeal period wait. We still have to get passports and visas...but we are getting closer!