Friday, August 13, 2010

a good visit

Aside from the wonderful part of bringing home our girls last visit, it was a good visit with the kids too.  Lots of kids walking and playing.  Last time we had gone, we had asked if they could bring in some of the older orphans who had aged out of the orphanage to come play with the babies during summer vacation.  The director arranged that right away and there were 3 big boys (7-8 years old) and 2 big girls (12 years old) holding and playing with kids.  And I could tell it was making a difference.  The kids looked happy!  There were NO babies in beds, except those that were sleeping!  And they are learning my name.  I've always been "mugeni" (visitor) now I am "hawwwllllli".   Let me go find some pictures!

Two big boys acting as big brothers to the little ones at the orphanage.

One of the big girls with little Moise (always reaching out).

Happy Ziruka.


2 comments: said...

this is so encouraging! what a great idea to bring the big kids in to play with the little ones.

mary said...

yes! a brilliant idea? how did you think of it? how often will the older ones be able to come? so good for all involved. everyone has something to offer.