Friday, August 13, 2010

our wonderful crazy

So, there have many posts that I've been wanting to write for awhile now, but I am just too tired at night (big surprise).  This will hopefully be the first of many.  Things are going really well in terms of adjustments.  The girls did surprisingly well when they came home two weeks ago (wow!!).  Contrary to ALL my other encounters with them, they have been very comfortable with me.  The first night they both seemed a bit shell shocked, but now they are really adjusting and happy little girls.  I think back to our drive from the orphanage and I laugh as how placid they really were.  Wow, have they changed!  Ellie is very watchful and happy.  She is very content to sit in front of a basket of toys and explore all of them in depth.  She is very sensitive to when I leave the room and is quick to look for me again.  She is taller and heavier than Mia (they are fraternal).  She has a sweet smile and loves to cuddle.  Mia is full of grit and determination.  She is pretty much crawling, when you hold her hands she runs everywhere and she prefers to stand.  She has so much energy bound up in her little body; she falls asleep in 5 seconds flat!  I have really never had a child like her before.  I can't leave her alone, yesterday she pulled herself up to stand and let go!  She is happy and really is nothing like the little girl who cried whenever she saw me in all my other visits.   They both sleep like champs.  We lay them down awake and they sleep all night...I am VERY thankful for this.  And they take naps the same way.  It makes the rest of our craziness doable.  The other four are adjusting.  Natalie is the happiest.  She is loving all the commotion and spends much of her day playing with babies, dressing up dolls and stuffed animals, and occasionally taking some needed "private time" in her room.  Isla is almost 20 months (!) and still isn't talking much.  She is so frustrated by her lack of communication that a lot of her day is spent grunting or screaming to get her point across.  She loves the babies (right now) because they don't move or take her stuff.  And Mike and I...are very grateful to have them with us.  There are still some important documents we are waiting for in terms of our judgment (that we didn't know about), so we are still a bit stressed about that, but it helps they are here, even if we are still in a limbo of sorts.

My day goes something like this:

Wake up 6 ish.  Quickly start boiling water.
Make 4 botttles.
Isla starts crying for me or Mike.  He rushes in to try to prevent her from waking I, who sleeps in the same room.
I hurridly get dressed, etc. try to check email.
Get babies up.  Give one to Mike to feed bottle too.  Nat cries, wants to get out of bed and get her food.
Feed other baby.  Start to hear the middle two waking up, thankfully not crying, but chattering.
Hand off all kids to super dad.  Get middle two up and dressed.  Give them bottles.
Play with kids, change LOTS of poopy diapers. (3 are in cloth, 2 disposables for about 4 more days when they run out, then 5 in cloth).
Around 8:30 feed babies cereal and bananas, usually I and Nat too.
Play/diapers.  Middle two get cereal 9ish.
Bottles for babies at 10 or so (hopefully I remember to keep thermos full of hot water).  They go down for nap.  Spend a couple hours with Nat and I...laundry, clean toys and random chaos that is everywhere.  Middle two nap too.
Lunch around 1:30, Mike is home for lunch.  Feed us and 6 babies.  Big girls down for nap after lunch.  This is a bit crazy for me right now.  Mike needs to leave for work...I need a "safe" place to put my babies during the time while I put the big girls down...still in process.
Try not to fall asleep putting Nat to bed...happens too often.
Play with babies.  Try to get something done but can't leave them alone right now...they get too worried and Mia tries to climb something impossible.
Isla wakes up at 4, usually Nat has not slept and is up by this time.  I has to cry about 15 minutes after nap time to adjust to the world again.  I've found sticking babies in the stroller and pushing them in the driveway for about 30 minutes (while holding the crying Isla) works best, Nat pushes bike.  I'm learning all the things I can do one-handed.  More bottles and poopy diapers.
Middle babies are played with by a lovely lady that comes to help me with them during the day.
5pm-hit the door running.  Big kids watch show.  Babies play on floor (I hope) or they take a short second nap.  I set table for 8.  Warm up food.  Try to turn on the bath water.  It is dry season, may or may not be water.  Must start it at 5 so it is ready 1 1/2 hours later.  Run around and collect 6 piles of jammies, onesies, cloth diapers (all 5 in cloth at night), and one binky (for the big girl).  Realize that I haven't put away laundry in days, can't find anything.
6pm-Mike home.  Feed kids and us.  VERY loud meal.  Lots of singing.  All kids LOVE to dance.  When the meal starts winding down, Mike puts on music.  All babies dance and dance...esp. middle kids.  We try to clean table a bit.  I make 4 bottles. 6:30 baths.  All six get bathed every night.  It is dry season.  It is REALLY dirty in the house.  The kids are all FILTHY.  Must be bathed.  But not tons of water.  You can imagine what it looks like by the 6th.  All kids bathed, hair done, fed bottles.  Lots of fun bed play time.  Giggling, tackling daddy...good good way to end day!  Middle babies to bed first in their room at 7.  Tiniest babies to bed by 7:30, big girls about 5 minutes after that.
Sit on couch and mutter gibberish:  Mike and I at 7:35pm!!  

It is crazy.  It is wonderful.  I have lots of highs and some lows.  I need lots and lots of patience with so many little ones.  There are times that I feel like I am losing my mind!!  3 years old is NOT an easy age.  But it has it's sweet moments.   I am very very loved.  I miss my family and friends.  I have an awesome husband.  I love our babies.  It has been very fun to get to know them and learn who they are more and more everyday.  I love that they prefer me to others already.  I have NO spare moments during the day.  But I have awesome evening time.  I don't sleep well.  I dream of kids in my room all night.  Am exhausted every morning.  I can't believe our little girls will be one year old in 3 months!  I don't like staying up late or getting up in the middle of the night to do laundry because it is the only time the power is high enough to run the washing machine.  5 babies in diapers.  FIVE babies in CLOTH diapers.  Trusting God for all the strength I need.
Ellie and Mia

Mike with Mia



mary said...

You are a supermom/woman!!! Wow! Thanks so much for details on your day/adjustment! Believing God for a speedy completion to the final judgment!

Shawny said...

They are just so darn adorable! Keep up the good work!

Katie Glows said...

Wow Holly!! I felt like I was right there with you for a minute. Love you all.