Monday, August 30, 2010

Some of the faces of the Save the Children orphanage

I wanted to send pictures of some of the kids at Kaziba.  They all just had their heads shaved, so I added their sex and age.  :)

Sweet boy Janvier (giving me a shy smile), age 18 months

Sweet girl, Cito Wambili, age 18 months

Sweet boy, Musiwa, age 20 months

Sweet girl Nsimire, age 2 1/2

Lovely girl Sandrine, almost 3 years 

Cutie Christian, age 2y 2m

Sweet girl Muholeza, almost 4 years old

Sweet girl Ziruka, two years in two weeks

Big boy Safari, age 4 1/2

Sweet baby boy, Gloire, age 17 months

Moise....age 13 months...

Sweet boy, Bertin, age 21 months 

Chikuru Kenga, sweet girl, age 2 1/2

Sweet girl Antoinette, almost 4

Sweet boy, Chereba, Almost 3 yr.

Happy girl, Sifa, age 4 years

Happy boy, LeBlanc (with Sandrine poking her head in), age 4

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mary said...

oh, these pics mean so much to us - knowing that our sons might be in there somewhere?? i'm thinking of trying to set up a fund-raising website that would be secure - i'll write up the idea and send it to you soon to get your and jilma's thoughts on child sponsorship, security, etc.