Monday, October 11, 2010

braver hearts

I have talked before about this group before.  The woman started a grassroots movement about 10 years ago to help orphans displaced from the wars.  She (with the help of 3000 other congolese) have started 6 centers to help orphans with food and education.  They are INCREDIBLE.  We often here the sad statistics and forget that there are people here on the ground, without any outside help, that are doing what they can to help orphans and vulnerable children.  Two months ago we visited them again.  It was humbling.  Maybe 40 kids came that day.  Porridge was handed out.  There really wasn't enough.  The kids all waited patiently.  They didn't have enough plastic mugs.  They had to give the porridge (which had just finished boiling) out in tin plates.  They were so patient, waiting until it cooled to eat it, bigger ones helping little ones.  At one point, one little boy grabbed it with his bare hands, he burned himself and threw the porridge away.  It landed on all the other kids around him, who in turn jumped up overturning their cups.  It was horrible.  Kids getting burned with porridge and screaming and crying.  Thankfully, the burns were not deep.  But they were still painful.  About a month ago, we were able to give this group two sewing machines!  They were so excited, and they have already come back with pictures and stories about how they are helping the older orphan girls learn how to sew.  We also gave them some plastic mugs.   There are SO many brave congolese women, men, and children who are helping each other and doing what they can to ease the suffering and pain of their fellow brothers and sisters.  It is humbling.  I do have some pictures, that I will post when I can.

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