Monday, October 11, 2010

kiddo update

The kids are doing great.  We have hit a groove I think.  Mia is a wild one.  She is ready to run, not walk everywhere.  I have to watch her constantly.  Not only does she want to climb and crawl everywhere, she seems to have figured out exactly how to bug Isla so that they end up screaming at each other.  Hmm, I think the years to come will be interesting.  Ellie is starting to crawl and scoot along the furniture.  She is so excited about that.  Natalie is loving her french preschool and is starting to say some things in french.  They were all so sick about a month ago.  I was really worried about them.  At one point we had Ellie on IV fluids in our house.  I really think it was rotavirus.  A low point for me was when I went to the local clinic to try to convince the doctor there in my horrible french, to let a nurse come to my house to do an IV.  He wanted to give her 5 drugs.  We got in an argument and at one point I say, "we don't even give that drug to children in the states!" and he says, "I know, but we experiment on children here!".   I didn't even know what to say.  What do you say?  Where do you even begin.  I was terrified I would have to take her to one of the big hospitals here.  You really have no control of what happens to you in the hospitals here.  You aren't told what is wrong with you and you are give medicines that you don't know the names for and what they do.  I was terrified that her care would be out of my hands.  Thank God, she got well at home.  And they are really doing well now.  We are hoping to get their passports soon!

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William said...

SO glad you were able to care for her at did great! And SO glad you all are feeling better, now! We were always told that people only go to the hospitals there when they know they are going to pass away...