Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a group of friends who are helping me get set up to start a 501c3 (a charity), to support the orphans in this area of Congo.  I'm not sure it will happen yet, but I am hoping.  Right now we are are going to work with the Kaziba orphanage and raise money for the following:
Monthly needs:  formula and milk powder
Projects:  finish the wall
Ongoing:  School fees for 85 orphans that have aged out of the orphanage through sponsorship.

I would like to name the charity Tumaini.  This means hope.  For me, it is a testimony to what God can do and the hope He brings to the lives of people here and for me personally.  We started out thinking we were going to adopt from an orphange named alama ya kitumaini (sign of hope).  We were going to adopt Moise.  We didn't pursue this adoption because of corruption.  We went to Kaziba, where there were and still is a great need to help (as there wasn't at the first orphanage).  I felt very hopeless when we had to say goodbye to the little boy we had come to love.  But I see now that if we had stayed there, we would have never gone to Kaziba.  And I know that He wanted us to see, love, and know the children up there and help.  Because if we had never gone up there, then today there would have been 45 children under the age of 4, with 2 mamas caring for them all and very little formula and no milk.  There is hope for the children of Kaziba.   And it is because of God and His love for the least of these, that we were brought there and that others have come along and helped us care for these children.  It is very humbling.  

I'll keep you updated.


William said...

His timing is perfect! What a gift!


mary said...

really looking forward to learning more about this - are any of your friends good at website development, brochures, etc?