Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I've been feeling so thankful for the many people who have given so generously to help the kids this month.  Not only did we make the budget for January, but we have about half of February right now too!  Today I went and bought some more powdered milk and formula.  A friend is coming soon with some formula from the states.  We are making progress on starting up Tumaini (more on that later).  It is very good.  I'll admit this takes a lot of baby steps of faith for me.  I'm not big on leaping out in faith.  I am much better at being comfortable in my "safe" little world where I don't take risks (not really that safe in the end, I know).  I don't like to live large.  I am quiet, introverted.  I don't put myself out there.  I can be insecure, and get "my feelings hurt" (as my 4 year old says often these days).  Mike said the other day, "Holly, can you believe you are working on a contract for 3 years of funding for the orphanage with the head of the CELPA churches and negotiating your points?".  I can't really.  To be honest, God is giving me strength every day to keep walking forward.  It's not me and only ever has been God.  And YOU!  I suppose in some ways we are all His hands and feet, as we are obedient and serve and help others.  As Natalie has been praying, "Dear God, help me to have more love in my heart."  As the Congolese folks call out to me as I push my stroller with three kids and one on my back in the mornings, "courage"!

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