Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year!  I wanted to write about a little boy that needs help, and needs help desperately.  Please take a moment and read this post about him, so you know the history of little Patric.  One of the nuns from the orphanage (for those of you who didn't go read the past post, this is NOT Kaziba but the first orphanage I visited.  The orphanage where we left our little Moise who we thought would be ours.) came and visited me last week with an update from the medical exam that was FINALLY done on Patric in Kigali.  He is a sick little boy.  He has a problem with his heart, and he has enlarged liver/spleen.  They think he may have sickle cell disease.  He does not have hydrocephalus.  The nun promised me the medical report so I could read it (it is in english) so that I can get a better idea of what is wrong with him.  What was clear to me, is that this sweet boy needs medical treatment that cannot be found in Congo.  He also needs a home and a family.  My congolese lawyer dropped by today and told me the director of the orphanage (who previously has been very difficult to work with) is open to doing adoptions.  This little boy not only needs a loving family, but he also needs medical treatment.  If anyone has any ideas how this little boy can find a family and medical treatment, please email me and let me know.

He is very sweet and gentle.  He walks, talks, sings, and is affectionate.  I have not seen him in over 8 months, but he will be forever in my heart.

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