Wednesday, January 26, 2011

some favorite pictures of the year

I have a lot of favorites from the year, and since it takes ssoooooo long to upload a photo on our snail like internet this might have to be a reoccurring post over the next month.  Here is one photo I love, with maybe two more that fully bring it to life.

Natalie, Isla, Lauren, Noah, Mia and Ellie!

I haven't blogged much at all about the two lovely little kiddos that lived with us for six months.  Their adoption was still in process and I wanted to protect their privacy.  But now, they are home in the states with their mom, dad, and sister.  Lauren and Noah are clear examples to me of God's love and faithfulness.  We love them so much and though it was hard having so many little ones 3 and under at home, we don't regret being their foster parents for a minute.  Little Isla was a triplet for six months and she has really missed them.  I don't think she really understood where they went and really went through a mourning process.  They are miracles.  They came out of the orphanage at 14 months old, they were malnourished and so small at about 10 lbs each.  They couldn't sit, nor could they hold their heads up for long.  They didn't smile.  Add some good nutrition and a lot of love, and did they ever bloom!!!  Wow!  There isn't a sound in the world better than Noah's laugh, and Lauren's talking and giggles.  Their smiles light up the room.  They are blossoming now with their mom, dad and big sister.  Noah and Lauren, you added so much joy to our lives the six months you lived with us, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! 

 (When the internet is working better their sweet mama sent me their homecoming photo and told me I can post it!)


Megan said...

What a beautiful bunch of kiddos!

Shauna said...

So cute! 6 amazing blessings; I love them all.