Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Disney World

I had a recent conversation with my daughter, Natalie (she just turned 4).  By the time we get back to the states this summer it will have been 1 1/2 years since her last visit.  

Natalie, when we go back to America there will be sidewalks!  
Natalie:  eyes get big

And there won't be big holes in the roads, or goats on the road.
N: "but why not mommy, I like goats"

And, there will be power (most) all of the time, and it will be strong power!
N: "whoa"

And there will be water all (most) of the time, and it won't be brown or cold!
N: eyes even bigger

And there will be lots of stores!
N: "with lots of juice?"

And all the kids speak english! (There are no english speaking kids here currently.)
N: "but I speak FRENCH, not english!!" (we are still working on trying to get her to understand what "english" is)

And there will be parks, and no guards, and no guns all over (well, I didn't say that part about the guns, I just thought it).  There won't be huge concrete and brick walls around the houses.  
And there will be trees, and we all won't have diarrhea allll the time.
And we won't need bug nets!  
N: There's no babaria in america?  (that would be "malaria")
Nope, baby, no malaria.

And, guess what?
N: what?
In America, you can DRINK out of the faucets!!

Yup, pretty much, America is Disney World.

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