Wednesday, February 16, 2011

very good things

We are slowly getting Tumaini off the ground.  I was very excited to get news yesterday that we were awarded a grant from an organization in the U.S. that helps orphans.  We will now be able to finish the wall, pay for the last semester of school fees for 82 children, and also rehabilitate the kitchen!  I am so excited.  Thanks be to God!

Hopefully in the next couple weeks, we will start getting information up (and our website) about the children at the orphanage who will need sponsors.  We are planning to have each infant or child that lives at the orphanage, sponsored by two people for $25/month (per sponsor).  This will pay for formula (there is another new baby boy this week), powdered milk, and staff for the orphanage.  I'm so excited.  


Shauna said...

Wow Holly! This is amazing. God's blessings are wonderful. Thanks for all you are doing.

mary said...

Wonderful news! Who is the grant through? How do we give?