Monday, March 14, 2011

Bukavu life

We have a very wild electrical system at our house.  It would take a very long post to explain it all.  But here are three interesting details.

One, if you are barefoot in the house and you touch something metal (like a sink faucet or the metal parts of your computer when it is plugged in) you get shocked.

Two, the power should be 220 (not 110 like the states).  We have power a good amount of time these days.  But it is 110!  So, no worries about US appliances that could be fried, we just plug them directly into the sockets these days.  Of course, it also means we can hardly see each other, the light is so dim and that we can't run any of the appliances that we are supposed to be able to run on 220.  Sometimes it even goes to 80 and then we run around unplugging everything.  Of course, you cannot guarantee it will be low, sometimes there are these crazy power surges that fries everything anyway.

Three, we had a live wire down last week that had come apart.  So there were two pieces of live wire laying in the yard.  The electrician came (he works for the local and only electric company).  He got two big rocks, put a big board over them, then proceeded to balance on them (like a surfer) WHILE he fixed the live wires, yelling at everyone around him, "don't touch me, I'm live!".  Ummm...

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