Wednesday, March 16, 2011

moments of grace

For those of you who have been following Patric's story you will understand when I say that I have had trouble with the head of his orphanage.  You will also know that I have felt led to find a family for Patric.  And that I had some preliminary encouraging signs from the head of the orphanage that I could do so.  I have felt wary, that she would try to block what I was doing (trying to find an adoptive home for him).   Two wonderful things have happened, we may have found a family for Patric AND we just got done talking to the head woman (the mother general) and she not only will support us in any way she can in the adoption, but she wants to do everything to help it happen as quickly as possible (in the past she told me adoptions can take up to 1 1/2 years through her orphanage) so that Patric can live.  She said she wants him to live and be happy.

Some moments, the gratitude I feel towards God, overwhelms me completely, and I feel humbled by His grace.

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mary said...

yeah! great news! any adoption news or reflections as you're winding down there? what are your plans for re-settling here. Where will Mike work, where will you live?