Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our adoption update and prayer request

For those of you that are following along and praying for us as we try to finish up our adoption; this post is for you!

We are now at the point of trying to get our U.S. visas.  We leave for the states in 3 months.  We have received special permission to pick up our visa at the Nairobi embassy.  However to get there we have to take an unusual path that involves THREE embassies in three african countries.

We dropped off our I600 one month ago at the Kigali embassy with the girls.  They had to see them in person.  It was a bit of a nightmare getting permission to cross the border with them.  It took us 3 months just to do that.

After dropping off our I600, our file got sent to the Nairobi embassy for a special child abuse background check.  The embassy sends it to a USCIS office in the states to get this child abuse screen done.  We heard today that it was finally done and no problems (one month later!).

Now, it gets sent back to the Kigali embassy!  The Kigali embassy approves our I600 (Lord willing).

Then it gets sent to the Kinshasa embassy with all the orphan documentation.  They then do their investigation and approve the I604.  Then this document goest to Kigali again and gets put with the I600 and all gets sent back to Nairobi!

Then, we get the special permission to leave the country (again!) and go to Nairobi to get their medical exams and visas (with that supporting documentation).

We go back to DRC with our visas in hand.  We then get the official letter from DGM (immigration) to leave the country for the U.S.

AND, all this has to be done in the next three months!

If you are a praying person, perhaps you might pray for us!  Thanks!

(Oh, for those of you that know about the infamous "binders", when I went with my two huge binders to the Kigali embassy for the drop-off, the consulate took one look at them and asked me what I was thinking?!  She then proceeded to take 10 of the 100s of documents I had prepared and said that was that! Supposedly, I did a good job of keeping my cool and trying to convince her that yes, the kinshasa embassy did need these documents that had been gathered and prepared with much blood, sweat, and tears!)

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Lauree said...

Holly, I will be praying for all to fall into place as it should!!