Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures to go with "the things I will miss"

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the things I will miss

There is so much I will miss about living here.  So much.  It's so hard for me to actually wrap my head around the fact that we are moving in 9 weeks.  We haven't been to the states since November 2009.  This life is the only life my girls remember and know.  This is their home.

This will probably be an ongoing post but here is a start of the things I will miss:

People.   I will miss the friends we have made here, many that are like family.   You cannot but become like family when you live in a place like this.  You watch out for each other, you support each other, you cry with each other, you rejoice with each other, you struggle together and encourage one another.  Sometimes I reflect on the fact that maybe we wouldn't have been good friends in the states if we had met each other randomly, we are all so different.  But here, you are stripped of everything you might hide behind and you truly see each other and know love.  Love given and love received. (another post on this later).

People.  I will miss living among the congolese.  I will miss being the minority and the privilege it is to live here.  I have learned so much.  I have been so humbled.  My heart has been shattered.  My heart has been broken again and again.  I have been given joy.  I have been given grace.  I have been given gratitude.  ( a lot more on this later )

My house.  We live in this huge house with a living room that is full of windows, so I feel like I am in the outdoors all the time.

My yard.  We have an incredible yard.  It is huge with gorgeous flowers and plants everywhere.  We have a swing set.  Beautiful tropical birds land in the trees and flowers.  We have a tire swing.  There are two HUGE trees that flower, one with purple flowers and one with yellow.  They fill with flowers and then all the flowers fall to the ground and we play on carpets of yellow and purple.

The weather.  The weather here is my favorite and it is perfect in my mind.  It is in the 70s year round.  I will admit I do not like the dry season at all, not because of the temperature, but because of the dust and the lack of water.  However the other 8 months of the year...amazing!  Everything is green and lush.  We live on a lake and it is simply stunning.  I will miss this weather.  Somehow I have become very used to 70 degrees year round!  I think it will be quite an adjustment getting used to winter.

There is so much more.

Reason: Unknown

I've posted about the health care (or lack thereof) here before.  But I wanted to comment on it again, as it is very profound and has tragic consequences.  Our housekeeper, Christine, recently lost a cousin.  She came to me upset that morning and said her cousin died one hour ago.  She said he got sick the night before and then died.  No one knows why.  No one even asks.  Why would you ask, really?  You will never be told why, because most likely no one knows.  Though sometimes people know, they may know you have diabetes, or hypertension, or cancer of some sort.  But most of the time, you don't know why someone died and you will never know why.

A staff member at Mike's office passed away two days ago.  She was a nurse.  She was sick and in a distant site.  They flew her here to Bukavu to the "best" hospital in town.  On Saturday she was talking and  alert.  She didn't know what was wrong, but felt weak and short of breath.  When she told the doctors she felt short of breath and needed some medicine they told her that they were the doctors and she is not to tell them what she needs.  So, she sent a friend out to get her some medicine to help her breath better.  The next day the hospital gave her some kind of IV perfusion and she died during it.  Why?  Reason: Unknown.

Here, if you have to go to the hospital, you are going there to die.  And you won't know why.

Another adoption update

Thank you to all those who have been praying for our visa process.  We have made some progress.  Our dossier is now in Kinshasa.  The consul is investigating our orphan petition.  We are praying we hear good news this week because we want to make our appointment to get the medical exams and visas in Nairobi for the end of this month.  That way we still have time to come back and get our immigration letter (from DRC immigration) to leave the country by April 7 (our departure date).  Thank you for continuing to pray.