Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A bit of heaven

I'm really looking forward to the next 5 days.  For someone who doesn't get out very often (well, ever,) I have a lot going on!

Tomorrow, I am heading to Kigali (by myself!!) for 24 hours.  I have to visit the Kigali embassy for an adoption related matter.  I will also be spending some time catching up on a lot of things I have been neglecting lately.  And I just might eat one meal out and sip some tea somewhere cozy.

On Friday morning, I head back to Bukavu, with Jennifer and Dano Jukanovich.  We will land and head immediately to Kaziba for an overnight trip.  I'm so excited because Jennifer is going to do a two day training with the mothers who watch the babies of Kaziba, and I've seen the notes--it's going to be wonderful.  One of the hardest parts of visiting and knowing the kids up there is how much physical needs are focused on over emotional and spiritual needs.  The hopelessness and despair that I have seen in some of the children's eyes will always haunt me.  I really feel like the message and training she will be doing will really meet this need.  And she is bringing some awesome blankets and toys that help with sensory and attachment disorders.  Check out what she is doing on the link above!

On Sunday and Monday, I head to another orphanage in town (not overnight).  I can't go into a lot of the details of that trip yet, but I will be visiting one very special little boy who we will never forget and another special little boy who we are not giving up on.  

A bit of heaven!

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love the updates to your blog Holly --- keep em coming!! : ) Holly M.