Tuesday, May 24, 2011

death and life

Two days before I held this baby, her mother died.  She died giving birth to her and she was brought to the orphanage so she might live.  Her name is Conseille.  Sometimes, my heart breaks and it is hard to pick up the pieces.  Preventable death.  Unjust.  One left behind, tiny and precious.  Like the others before her, I pray she lives.  Things are better now at her new home than they were a year ago, she has a fighting chance.  She will get full strength formula and she will be held more than three times a day.  But, still.  Hardly feels like a drop compared to the ocean of the loss she has just experienced and the mountain of challenges ahead of her.  Ah, little one, may God hold you tight in the palm of His hand, protect you in the days ahead and grow your heart strong.  May you be of resilient spirit, for what you have to face, is more than what most of us will ever face in our lives, and you will need a strength far beyond what you were meant to have as a new life.  You are not forgotten.  You are loved.


Would you be interested in sponsoring this little one?  Or do you have a friend that might be interested in sponsoring her?  We are looking for a sponsor for her (and the other sweet Kaziba kids).  Each child needs two sponsors at $25/month (or one at $50/month).  A sponsor will receive updates on their child 4 times a year and all of the money raised (aside from what is taken out for bank transfer fees) will be used to purchase milk and formula and salaries for additional staff.  Please check out our websitewww.tumainidrc.org or check out my post a few days ago to learn more about sponsorship.  

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