Thursday, May 19, 2011

a different world

For those of you who read this and have been to both Kigali and Bukavu you will understand what I mean, when I say that Kigali is a different world than Bukavu.  You really feel like you are in the U.S. (or some other developed country).  Don't get me wrong, Bukavu is gorgeous.  It's just that there is little to no infrastructure.  You can tell the moment you cross the border.  Everything becomes orderly, the roads are in decent condition, you get the feeling that you won't be asked for bribes.  Then you get to Kigali and and there are great roads, power, stop lights, water, and cafes like the one I am sitting in right now that make you think you are in starbucks in the states.

I'll be honest; I almost cried when my food came!  I think I am very ready to be back in the states.  It just felt so nice to be out of Bukavu.  Thankfully I didn't cry (I'm sure I would have gotten some really weird looks!) and I am catching up on a lot of emails (and ate some great food).  Which has been wonderful.  I also am going to try to catch up on some past due posts about my last orphanage visits.  We'll see how much I can get done in my few remaining hours of Kigali free time.

And just so you know that I really do think Bukavu is a gorgeous place (and I will miss it tremendously), here is one photo of the city and one of the lake.

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