Thursday, May 19, 2011

A hopeful smile

Feb. 28th I headed up to the orphanage for a fun visit with some friends.  I've really been fortunate that pretty much every trip I have taken there has been with friends or family.  The road was more washed away than previous times and it really made for a bumpy trip.  But, the drive is gorgeous and the kids who run out yelling, "hoddy" when we drive up, make it worth every bump and sore muscle.

There are a few kids I have yet to see smile.  I'm sure they do, I just have yet to see it (or catch it on the camera).  Well, little Christian is one of them.  He is a little boy who is turning three in under a month.  He is really good at giving me these awesome scowls.  It's hard for me not to laugh when he gives me this kind of look, he is just too cute!

He came to the orphanage after his mother died and when his father couldn't care for him (as a baby).  Overall, he has been doing well at the orphanage.  He walked before he was two and is a good weight.  He also interacts with the other kidds and plays with his buddies.  Well, this visit, he smiled at me AND I caught it on the camera!  I didn't think anything could be cuter than his scowls, but I was wrong.  His smile is even cuter!

Would you be interested in sponsoring little Christian?  Or do you have a friend that might be interested in sponsoring him?  We are looking for a sponsor for him (and the other sweet Kaziba kids).  Each child needs two sponsors at $25/month (or one at $50/month).  A sponsor will receive updates on their child 4 times a year and all of the money raised (aside from what is taken out for bank transfer fees) will be used to purchase milk and formula and salaries for additional staff.  Please check out our website or check out my post a few days ago to learn more about sponsorship.  

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Lisa said...

Holly, we're praying for full sponsorship for every Kaziba child! <3