Wednesday, May 25, 2011

in case you are curious

Here is what the formula looks like that we buy with the money sent to us.  We buy about $640 worth a month (depending on the number of babies).  The formula is good quality from Europe.  The cans are smaller than in the states and it is mixed differently than the formula from the states.  One can lasts one baby about 3 days.  It costs about $70/month to feed a newborn.  A farmer in Kaziba maybe makes $40/month in total (hence why so many babies are brought to Kaziba after their mother's die).

If you look closely you will see the corner of a bag of powdered milk below the boxes of formula.  There isn't fresh milk here (yup, our girls have been drinking full fat powdered milk, "nido", for 4 years..).  Years of insecurity has greatly diminished the amount of cows in this area of Congo.  There are cows in Kaziba, but not enough.  So we buy three big bags of powdered milk (that is fortified) a month.  Each bag is about $120-150 per 25 kg sack.

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