Monday, May 16, 2011

me angry and well done

I had to write one last post about our two days with Laurent.  After he was finished with his bike they put it into the land cruiser.  It is really big and awkward.  It finally fit sideways with the second row seat pushed up against the front seats.  I went back to inspect it before we took off.  The driver (who is a really nice man) was back there with Laurent.  Laurent was in the cargo area sort of under the bike.  I told the driver it was time to go, so he started shutting the doors.  I immediately asked him what he was doing and why was he shutting Laurnet in the back under this bike?!  He asked me, "well where would he sit otherwise"?  I was a bit incredulous and said, next to Natalie and I in the front.  He said, "no, no".  We argued and I put my foot down.  There was no way he was going to sit in the cargo area hunched beneath his bike!  So we go up to the front of the vehicle where he proceeded to tell Laurent to go behind my chair on the floor!  I was so upset!  Even now, it's hard not to cry.  That he should be treated like that, simply because his body is broken.   He sat next to me and Natalie.  And when he arrived back in his neighborhood, he was a hero for a day.  It took about 5 people to get that bike out of the car it was wedged in so well.

As we were driving out, the mamas that were selling their goods yelled out to me "well done" (in swahili).  I felt so humbled, I cried.  The reality is, I get yelled at all the time.  "muzungu (white person) and then usually some kind of demand."  I really think this was the first time that I was yelled at in public when I was not asked for something or commented on about my white skin.  Instead I was just told "well done".  I wish my friend had been with me that day.  Because, the reality is, that she deserves the huge "well done".

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Anonymous said...

it takes a village, holls. well done, my friend.