Sunday, May 22, 2011

A moment of joy

Well, as it was a little hard to post in Kaziba (no internet, though wonderful water and electricity), I haven't kept up on my "post a day" goal.  And right now, I'm really tired.  So, I'm going to point you somewhere else.  Head on over to Jennifer's post to read about the wonderful training she did up there yesterday and Friday.  It was amazing and I don't know if I could have ended on a better note up at Kaziba (check out the pictures too she linked on her page and notice all the smiling faces!).  I continually feel very humbled to be a part of what God is doing up at Kaziba.  Thank you to all the folks who have been helping and contributing this past year.  And thank you to all those who are committing to sponsoring a child on a monthly basis (and have given in other ways).  Every prayer, every visit, and every donation has impacted the lives of the children in Kaziba.

This is sweet Muholeza.  I don't catch her smiling very often.  But, playing on that see saw, she was all smiles and laughter.   A moment of joy, possible because of simple effort by those who care.  

Interested in sponsoring a child or participating in other ways up at Kaziba?  Check out this post to read more about how you can be a part of impacting the lives of the children at Kaziba.  Check out our website at  Thank you for caring about the children and their caregivers.  

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