Thursday, May 26, 2011

secondary benefits

Last year we were able to raise money to build a wall around the orphanage.  This was important because the Kaziba orphanage is in a remote area and is surrounded on three sides by open land (the other side by a hospital).  The children could wander away and adults could wander in; there was no control of those who left or those who came.  It's expensive to build a wall!  It took last year and this year to complete it (complete with a gate and a door).  Well, as soon as we put up 2/3 of the wall last year, they immediately started cultivating the land within the wall.  I really had no idea that that was part of the plan so I was really excited to see it happen.  And it happened so fast!  They planted beans, corn, eggplant, cauliflower and other vegetables.  They grew well and then they harvested them and the kids ate the fresh vegetables and beans.  It was amazing!  They also are now raising chickens because they have an enclosed area so they can't get taken or wander off.  And it felt good to not only build a wall which was sorely needed for overall safety, but the orphanage is now growing some of its own food.  It feels great to work towards sustainability and rely less on outside direct food aid.   The below photo is of the beans that were harvested and Amos, the cook (who has worked there 35 years!), is getting ready to cook them for the kids.

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