Wednesday, May 18, 2011

strange things

There are some things that will take some getting used to when we finally move back to America.  Oranges that are orange and not green.  Lemons that are yellow and not green.  Not sleeping under a bug net (vulnerable) every night.  People knocking at your door anytime (here, they have to approach our locked gate and tell the guard who they are and then the guard has to tell me, and then I tell him to allow them in or not).  Being able to see the street and the neighbors from your yard or house (we have a huge yard surrounded by 10 feet brick walls).  Sidewalks.  Paved roads.  Stop lights.  Water.  Water that is hot.  Ambulance sirens that actually signify an emergency (and not some kind of special convoy of important people).  Electricity that doesn't wax and wane.  Flowers that don't bloom year round.  Rain at random times on random days (instead of every day at a certain time).  Cooking my own food.  Washing my own floors.  Shopping for my own groceries.  Driving my own car.  Being alone with my kids in my house (I am never alone in my house).  Weather that deviates more than 10 degrees year round.  Blending in.  Being a majority.  Not struggling with crushing poverty on a daily basis.  Forgetting.  Missing Congo.

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