Tuesday, May 17, 2011

trying to be brave

This morning we found out that our trip home to the states has to be delayed by at least a month, maybe longer.  There are circumstances, related to our adoption of E&M, that are out of our control and just taking a lot longer than we anticipated.

We had some lovely plans.  We were spending a good month on the west coast visiting friends and family. Then, a week in Colorado doing debriefing.  Then a good 3 weeks on the east coast spending time with friends and family before heading to our new home in Ithaca.  It was a lovely plan.  Lots of fun things planned.  Lots of lovely family and friends making plans to fly/drive to where we were going to be, just to spend time with us.

It's been a long time.  We were in the states last in November of 2009.  Living in Congo isn't easy.  It's been really hard.  I have struggled with loneliness and isolation so much.  I really need this time with family and friends and so does Mike.    It's been hard for both of us.  We really miss our family and we really miss our friends.

I'm packed, all our belongings are in trunks, I'm ready to go.

I feel a bit heartbroken right this minute.

I'm going to try hard to end well.  There are good things that will be done by staying one more month.  I'm trying hard to focus on those things.  I'm trying to be brave.


Shauna said...

Thinking of you Holly. I pray that you will be at peace and have good health during your last couple months there.

mary said...

What a huge disappointment, Holly. Praying for miracles for it to move along quickly and for surprise blessings along the way.