Saturday, May 14, 2011


And now for the really exciting news.  We have our website for Tumaini up and running AND we have a fiscal sponsor while we get our 501c3.  Which means when anyone gives they can get a receipt for tax purposes.

The quick and simple.  The orphanage only accepts babies after their mothers' have died.  These babies would otherwise die because of the high cost of formula (this is when the families couldn't find a wet nurse).  Formula costs $70/month for one baby.  An average farmer's wage in the area of the orphanage is $40/month.  Obviously, formula is an impossible cost.

There is already a main donor for the orphanage.  But because of trouble fully funding the orphanage's needs, the babies were not getting full strength formula, they were not getting any formula after 6 months old, little to no milk was given to any child over age 6 months, and there were about 2 mamas to 30-45 babies and toddlers!  This meant children couldn't sit by age 14 months or walk by age 2 1/2 because of malnourishment and under-stimulation.

This is where we come in!  We are raising money (through monthly sponsorships) for formula, milk, and extra staff.  If you have been following the blog this year, you know the huge difference this has made!

We need you!  We are looking for all our sponsors this month so that every child will be sponsored and we meet our budget!  Every child needs two sponsors at $25/month (or one at $50/month).  Do you want to sponsor one of the kids I have talked about over the past year?  Do you know someone that might want to sponsor one of the kids?

We need 39 more sponsors (at $25/month).  Please pass on the word, the website, and the stories of the children.  God has opened doors and we are excited to see where He will lead us.

Check out

How to sponsor:  

To find out what sweet kiddos still need sponsors, go to the donate page and check out the sponsorship blog.

When you find a child you would like to sponsor, go to the donate page again and click on the donation page link (please click on monthly donation and put the child's name in the notes section).  Please send us an email letting us know what child you want to sponsor so we can keep track of what children are still available for sponsorship.

Sponsors will receive updates from the Tumaini sponsorship liaison four times a year.  There will be a Tumaini manager on the ground who is a well respected man and we are so excited to be working with him after I leave the country.


Anonymous said...

I am curious if you provide receipts for your donors? Meaning showing them where their money is going?

Holly said...

Yes, we do. However, your receipt won't show exactly how your donation is spent. But if you would like to contact me personally (email is above on right side top of blog) I'm happy to show you receipts from our work and what our monthly budget looks like each month. Thanks for commenting! Holly