Thursday, June 16, 2011


This sweetie pie is Benjamin.  He is a bit over one year old.  He came to the orphanage right when we started to bring more milk and formula (and hired more staff)  and you can see the difference!  He is growing well and is held often.  The orphanage is right next to a hospital where the kids go when they are sick.  In this photo, he was sick, so you can see an IV in his hand.  Tumaini tries to help pay the medical fees of the kids as we have resources.

Benjamin came to the orphanage the same way almost all the children come to the orphanage; mothers die giving birth to their babies and the fathers take them to the orphanage when they can't care for them (or in some cases someone else brings the babies if the father abandons the baby.)  In Benjamin's case, he was the 10th child when his mother died.  His father was a poor pastor and brought him to the orphanage to keep him alive.  I have met him a couple times and he will often say thank you for the milk that kept his son alive.  He also talks of his intentions of finding a new wife and coming and getting his son.  I hope that happens for Benjamin, so that he doesn't spend the next 5 years living there.  Because, again, an orphanage is not a place for a child.  

We are looking for two sponsors for Benjamin (at $25/month) or one at $50/month.  

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