Thursday, June 16, 2011

regarding adoption, orphanages, and orphans (two very thought provoking reads)

I think much of what is shared in these two articles could be applied to adoption, orphanages, and orphans in Congo.  They are well worth reading!  There is so much corruption in Congo.  I really believe that more can be done to help orphans beyond international adoption.  It is a big reason we started Tumaini.  I have been learning so much about ethics in international adoption, and especially the role of corrupt orphanages and adoptions (especially in Kinshasa, where most of the adoptions are done internationally).  It has been heartbreaking and eye opening.  I continue to be grateful for the relationship we have up at Kaziba and the mutual trust we have in each other.  It is not something I take lightly.  

An old photo of the kids from Kaziba (probably 2009), I love how they have all their arms around each other.  The consistency in their lives is each other.

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