Monday, June 27, 2011

sponsor progress update

My husband reminded me today that maybe I should do another update on our progress finding sponsors to partner with us at the Kaziba orphanage.  When I last posted on June 7 we had 30 sponsors, now we have 39 sponsors!  We also have another new baby since my last post (a one month old named Benjamin).  That means there are 33 children at the orphanage right now, and we need a total of 66 sponsors.  Each child needs two sponsors (at $25/month), or one sponsor ($50/month) for us to run at our full budget which provides for formula, milk and staff for the orphanage (as well as the manager on the ground).  

I'm so excited about the progress we have made and am feeling so grateful for the people that have committed to sponsoring children.  I am also thankful to others who have given general donations which help us keep running month to month right now as we look for the full number of sponsors needed per month.

Thank you!!

This is sweet Francine who is about 2 months in this photo.  She has one sponsor and needs one more.  

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