Wednesday, June 1, 2011

stories around town

Mike came home today from a trip into town and said, "sorry I'm late but I was held up by hundreds of pregnant women with jerry cans!".   They were all coming out of the large catholic cathedral.  He asked the driver what he thought was going on.  The driver said that they had just got the water blessed in the church and they were on their way home to sprinkle their homes with the blessed water.

He was on his way from a meeting with a partner.  FH, the organization (that does community development work) that he works for here, is doing a project with pharmikina, a company that produces quinine (from local trees).  The project is cool.  It's a long term development project.  As a part of the project, villages will start to plant trees and vegetation necessary for a new forest.  And then when the quinine is ready to be harvested (in five years), the community will sell the quinine.  So, the project will work towards reforestation and also long term sustainability.  The motivation not to cut down the trees?  The profit from the bark of the trees (which will grow back and can be harvested again), which after the initial time period, would be harvested every year.

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