Monday, June 20, 2011

things I have seen with my own eyes

Once sitting at the border waiting to cross, I saw women carrying on their backs 100 kg sacks of what looked like flour (220 lbs).  As I was watching them walk across in disbelief, one woman struggled past in the line of women with 2 of those sacks!  Two.  440 lbs.  She was barely bent in half.  Do you know how little these women make?  One dollar a day, if they are lucky.  One dollar.  These same women will stand up in church and thank God that He gave them strength to haul goods one more day, so that they can feed their family.  If this doesn't humble me, cause me to stand in awe of the strength of women,  and want to fight against injustice, I don't know what ever will.

Another time at the border, I saw a man carrying 300 eggs on his head!  The stack was taller than himself.  And then 7 more men followed carrying the same amount of eggs.  Incredible, and did I ever wish that photography wasn't forbidden at the border.

I have seen a number of things on peoples' heads.  Toilets, desks, wood, one shoe, a pail full of soda as the man clanged the metal side to alert people to his coming, a stove, and on and on.

Once when I was driving home from the orphanage, we passed a funeral procession.  In the dust was a small group of people carrying a wooden stretcher.  On it was a very small body underneath a colorful blanket.

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mary said...

I see people walking with things on their backs/heads in our immigrant community often - so cool to see - but never these things!