Friday, June 17, 2011

What happens when they get old (meaning five years "old")

Once the children from Kaziba turn four or five years old, they go back to live with their families.  Sometimes it works out well.  One little girl, her name is Esther, was at the orphanage when I first started coming.  Her father visited often.  She knew him and didn't run away when he came.  When she turned four years old she moved back home with him and the rest of the family.  Another little girl named Chiza turned five.  She was sent back to her father.  He didn't want her and couldn't take care of her.  She isn't doing so well.  There are 82 children whose stories fall somewhere between the stories of these two girls.  There are a few cases that fall outside.  The director has had a couple children die, from neglect most often.  There isn't a functioning social services here.  And, most often, there isn't anywhere else for the children to go.  Most of the children, fall in the middle.  They are wanted by their families, but also rejected because they are "orphans" (their mother is dead).  So, they are not sent to school, and have to work more than the other children in the household.  The Norwegians who have long sponsored the orphanage have raised money in the past to send these children to school, buy them uniforms and provide notebooks.  This last year is became very difficult to do so.  Tumaini started paying the school fees of the 82 children last September, and we just paid the last trimester school fees in April (the last trimester school fees was raised through a grant given to us from Orphan's Promise).  

We hope that we can continue to provide the school fees for these 82 children in the years ahead.  If you are interested in giving towards the school fees, uniforms, and notebooks for the older children, please visit our website and go to our donation link.  Thank you!

A recent photo of some of the older children who are supported by the Kaziba orphanage.  

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