Friday, June 24, 2011

what is lovely

These photos catch something so important.  First, there are enough mamas that sometimes they have time to sit and just spend time with the children.  This is so important.  Second, you can see the mama smiling and looking into little Chikurrus' eyes.  Third, she is touching Sabina, who is sitting in her lap.  Fourth, she is also hugging Moise, who is leaning in to her.  And finally, little Jackson is walking towards her.  And, again, she is smiling.  The mamas happiness is also so important and linked to the children's well being.  We all know, even in our own personal lives, that when we feel good and are cared for, we care for others so much better, with more patience and love.    
Such a huge difference!  

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mary said...

rejoicing - Go, Mama! Go, God! Go, Holly! Let's keep going, body of Christ!