Sunday, July 3, 2011

some things are too amazing not to share, especially about this special little girl

Before reading this post, it would be great if you could read this post and then this post.  Otherwise, you might miss the significance of what I am about to share.  

When we arrived yesterday, all the kids came running like they normally do when we come for a visit.  They recognize the white land cruiser now and they start running "mugeni" (visitor) with their arms open wide.  (And more and more start yelling "Holly" now which does my heart good!).  

Well, I was in for a big shock because one of the first kids to reach me was Chito Wambili!  (Read the posts above to understand why I was so surprised.)  Walking as fast as her toddling legs would take her, she lifted up her arms to be held and then started smiling and smiling.  I could hardly believe it!  Even now it is hard to think about without crying.  She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held on tight, smiling the whole time.  She was close the whole visit and if I ever did put her down she was right there on my legs (or my cousin or mom's legs)  with her arms up asking to be picked up.  And the wonder didn't stop there!  She wanted to play and play.  That girl can giggle!  I wish my internet connection wasn't so slow, I would post the small video I have of her giggling and giggling.  And she was talking, telling me "ball" in swahili when the kids were all playing with balls.  She jumped up and down in my arms, smiling, giggling and laughing.  I admit to totally crying!  How could I not?  And what a gift to be given on my last day visiting the orphanage.  The best gift ever!
The little girl who a year ago shuddered when anyone touched her, never smiled, and couldn't even sit up, is now walking all over, begging to be held, giggling, laughing, talking and smile.  If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is!   I felt like saying, "So there you are Miss Wambili, I'm so happy to meet you!"  And what it tells me is that the kids are being well taken care of, that the investment we have made to hire seven more mamas is being seen in the smiling trusting faces of the children at Kaziba.   

Are you interested in partnering with us in our work at the Save the Children Orphanage?  Read this post to get started learning more about what we are doing or check out our website.  


Angie R said...

Resilience! When people tell you that Africa is too corrupt and the origins of poverty too complicated, tell them this story. Recovery is possible. We can make a difference, one child at a time. You have made a difference for MANY children, Holly.

mary said...

oh, amazing! rejoicing with you! i love how you put the plug at the bottom of the post with the links - great organization! where are you now?

mary said...

oh, and I met a boy named Tumaini last night from Kenya and his parents were delighted I knew what it meant :)

Carrie said...

There's my Chito. I knew there was a little light inside her! Thank you, thank you for sharing.

Shauna said...

Wow! So amazing!