Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the difference

This is sweet Muholeza, when I first met her and then a year later.  The biggest difference in her life? Love and food.  Extra mamas to love on her and to take care of her, just to simply hold her.  Tumaini provides extra staff for the orphanage.  And milk.  Tumaini provides formula for the newborns and powdered milk for the older children.  Life saving milk.  Please consider a sponsorship of one of the children still waiting, or consider a one time gift to help us off set our monthly needs until we are at full sponsorship.  Or consider helping contribute to the school fees of the older children.   Please check out our website for information on how to help and pass it (or my blog) along.  Thank you!

Muholeza, age 4 3/4 years old, is fully sponsored.  

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